Vision and Mission

As the leading Swiss insurance broker in an ever-changing world, we are the preferred partner for risk management. We make risk coverage easy and accessible so that our clients can focus on developing their full potential.

Our plans and actions are always focused on offering the highest quality possible. We look for tailor-made solutions that sustainably reduce risks for our customers and create added value.

Our Values


  • Our business is based on respect and integrity.
  • We emphasise transparency in our relationships with our customers and employees.
  • We also value diversity and treat each other as equals.


  • We are driven by our desire for growth, progress and success.
  • In an ever-changing world, we support our customers during new developments. We reconsider existing approaches and find innovative solutions that incorporate new technologies to meet our clients' needs.

Customer focus

  • Our employees are committed to our customers’ success, because their success is also our success.
  • We achieve the goals we agree on with our customers through high service quality and excellent professional competence.


  • Enthusiasm for what we do, creative thinking, active listening and a feedback culture strengthen our team spirit.
  • Interest, pleasure and passion are the driving force behind our daily work.

Key Figures


Affiliates in Switzerland and Liechtenstein


Commercial customers


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Annual growth

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Spoken languages

Executive Committee

French-speaking Switzerland

Gregory Feret
Gregory Feret

Gregory Feret

  • Partner Qualibroker Group SA
  • CEO Qualibroker Romandie SA
  • Member of the Board of Directors


Thalmann Urs 0753 Q web SKP
Urs Thalmann

Urs Thalmann

  • CEO Qualibroker AG and Qualibroker Holding AG / Partner
  • Master of Arts from the University of Zurich, Executive MBA HSG
  • Since 2012: General Manager
  • Since 2007: Partner and member of the Qualibroker AG Board of Directors
Oberhaensli Daniel 0561 Q web SKP
Daniel Oberhänsli

Daniel Oberhänsli

  • Member of the Management Board and Board of directors / partner
  • Federal Diploma of Insurance Specialist / Federal Diploma of Financial Planning Expert / HSG Insurance Management Executive
  • Founding partner Qualibroker AG
Mueller Dieter 1490 Q web SKP
Dieter Müller

Dieter Müller

  • Member of the Management Board / Partner
  • Federal Sales Graduate
  • Since 2003: Customer advisor and member of the management of Qualibroker AG
64 QB Schibli Christoph 0462 Q web skp
Christoph Schibli

Christoph Schibli

  • Member of the Management Board
  • Federally qualified insurance expert
  • Business economist FH
  • Since 2021 : Member of the Executive Board of Qualibroker AG


Mueller Jan
Jan Müller

Jan Müller

  • General Manager / Partner
  • Insurance specialist at Swiss. Specialist Certificate
  • Since 2017 Managing Director / Partner - Schreiber Maron Sprenger AG
  • Since 2016 Director / Partner - Schreiber & Maron Insurance Partner Est.
  • Since 1995 at Est, insurance partner Schreiber & Maron
Kaelin Roger
Roger Kälin

Roger Kälin

  • Member of Management
  • Business Economist FH
  • Member of the Executive Board since 2019 - Schreiber Maron Sprenger AG
  • Since 2017 at Schreiber Maron Sprenger AG

Board of Directors

Qualibroker Group SA

Jean-Maurice Cailler - Chairman
Gregory Feret - Vice-Chairman
Caroline Burrus
Christian Burrus
Jean Couturié
Paul Dietrich
Michael Willimann

Qualibroker Romandie SA

Claude Kühne - Chairman
Olivier Andrey
Alban Dupuis
Gregory Feret
Goumaz Frédéric

Qualibroker Holding AG

Jean-Maurice Cailler - Chairman
Christian Burrus - Vice-Chairman
Daniel Oberhänsli
Dr. Thomas U. Reutter
Andreas Widmer

Qualibroker AG

Jean-Maurice Cailler - Chairman
Urs Thalmann – Vice-Chairman
Daniel Oberhänsli

Schreiber Maron Sprenger AG

Gerhard Maron - Chairman
Heinz Felder
Daniel Oberhänsli
Engelbert Schreiber jr.

Our Background

In the spring of 2016, Qualibroker Holding AG and Sorrel IES decided to join hands. At that point, Sorrel IES acquired stakes in Qualibroker Holding AG.

In order to give validity to this new arrangement, Sorrel IES took over the name Qualibroker and renamed its holding company Qualibroker Group SA. We now operate on the entire Swiss market under the name Qualibroker. In Liechtenstein, we are represented by the broker Schreiber Maron Sprenger.

With more than 130 employees and 7 branches in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, the Qualibroker Group today serves around 4,000 customers. The experience and expertise of all the companies in the Qualibroker group represent more than 55 years of joint activity in the field of insurance brokerage.

Thanks to the Groupe Burrus Courtage, which is the majority shareholder of Qualibroker Group SA, the Qualibroker Group is also closely tied to its customers all over the world. The Groupe Burrus Courtage is in the hands of private Swiss shareholders.

Our Team

7 branches in Switzerland and Liechtenstein

10 spoken languages

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