Whether you operate exclusively in Switzerland or have branches abroad; we are able to meet your requirements. The Qualibroker Group has the undeniable advantage of being able to access the international networks of EOS RISQ, Assurex Global and our French partner company DIOT-SIACI.

With the help of our partner networks and companies, we can offer our internationally operating clients a wide range of services and solutions:

  • Creation of international insurance programmes
  • Portfolio monitoring and optimisation
  • Claims support
  • Expert advice on local and global risks
  • Preparation of insurance manuals
  • Preparation of annual insurance reports
  • Online access to international insurance policies
  • Online access to database on statutory insurance regulations per country


Qualibroker is part of EOS RISQ. The insurance broker network with a turnover of € 3.8 billion is represented by 18,000 employees in more than 135 countries around the world. EOS RISQ specializes in the implementation of multinational insurance programmes and risk management services for internationally active organisations and companies.

For more information, please visit eosrisq.com.

Assurex Global

As exclusive partner of Assurex Global, we are part of an independent insurance network. With a turnover of US$ 2.9 billion and 19,500 employees, Assurex Global is one of 5 largest networks worldwide. 107 partner belong to Assurex Global and are represented with 620 locations on six continents.

For more information, please visit assurexglobal.com.


DIOT-SIACI is a sister company of the Qualibroker Group. With almost 5,000 employees in more than forty countries and an annual turnover of EUR 700 million, DIOT-SIACI is one of the leading insurance brokerage and advisory groups in Europe.

For more information, please visit info.diot-siaci.com.


For inquiries regarding international insurances please contact:

Georges Hardegger, georges.hardegger@qualibroker.ch

Daniel Oberhänsli, daniel.oberhaensli@qualibroker.ch