Groupe Burrus Membership

In 2016, the Groupe Burrus Courtage acquired stakes in Sorrel-IES and then in Qualibroker AG. Qualibroker is now 49% owned by the Groupe Burrus Courtage, based in Pully, Lausanne. 

The group's number one ambition is to preserve a strong family identity and corporate culture that is entirely customer-focused while also emphasising sustainability.

Since the creation of the Groupe Burrus's first entity in 1923, ESCA, the family group has continued to develop its core competencies.



1.5 bn

euros in bro­ker­age pre­mi­ums gen­er­at­ed in Europe 

1 bn

euros in turnover 

Groupe Burrus Partenaire EOS Risk

The group's main divisions

EOS Risk Partner Network

Whether you are based exclusively in Switzerland or have subsidiaries abroad, we can meet your needs.

Through the Groupe Burrus Courtage, Qualibroker has the undeniable advantage of being able to call on the international EOS Risq network, of which the group is a member. 

EOS RISQ is a risk advisor with a different approach. This fully European partnership is the result of a historic collaboration between four companies - each a market leader in its own country.

    They have a combined turnover of over 1.2 billion euros and offices in 37 countries. Via its solid partnerships, EOS RISQ is present in more than 135 countries around the world.

    EOS Risq specialises in the placement of multinational insurance programmes and risk management services for European and global organisations.

    The network is able to provide the following services internationally:

    • product placement
    • account management
    • claims settlement
    • expert advice for global risks
    • benefits and actuarial consulting
    • health care administration and consulting services.

    This is the case in all major categories of insurance and reinsurance.


    EOS Risq affiliates