There are a number of major risks in aviation, some of which have to be covered by mandatory liability insurance. At Qualibroker AG, we see our core task as providing comprehensive advice on insurance solutions and tailoring them to your individual risks. Our multilingual aviation insurance experts have many years of experience in the industry from a pilot and customer perspective. With Qualibroker AG, your aircraft fleet and flight-related operations are in the best hands for your insurance needs, so you can safely focus on your business.

Our multilingual aviation insurance experts have many years of experience in the industry from a pilot and customer perspective.

The aviation department of Qualibroker AG covers all insurance segments in aviation. The following are particularly important:

Aircraft insurance – liability / hull insurance / passenger insurance

  • Your aircraft must have mandatory liability insurance. The insurance solution depends on the take-off weight and number of seats. Any claims of all possible parties are covered by this.
  • Hull insurance, including lay-up hull insurance, covers your aircraft against material damage. Your expensive aircraft will receive all-round protection.
  • Passenger insurance protects your passengers from accidents from all over the world.

Aviation business liability

Companies, clubs, flight schools, flight instructors, airport operators, maintenance companies, dealerships, handling companies, flight operators and manufacturing companies are comprehensively protected against third-party claims by aviation business liability insurance.

International networks

DIOT-SIACI is a sister company of the Qualibroker Group. With almost 5,000 employees in more than 40 countries and an annual turnover of EUR 700 million, DIOT-SIACI is one of the leading insurance brokerage and consulting groups in Europe. This gives Qualibroker AG access to the international insurance market in aviation. Aviation insurance solutions can be offered by Qualibroker AG for aircraft and companies worldwide.

For more information, please visit info.diot-siaci.com.

LOCKTON is our cooperation partner and insurance broker in London. The London insurance market plays an important role in the aviation business. The cooperation with Lockton offers Qualibroker AG and its customers an even wider range of insurance solutions.

For more information, visit global.lockton.com.

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