Banks, Finance Companies and Traders

The banking sector is still highly unstable and risky. Risks of greatest concern in 2017 (according to the World Economic Forum):

No. 2

Fiscal Crisis

No. 6

Financial Crisis

No. 8


As a constantly evolving field, the banking, finance and trading sector faces a multitude of increasingly unstable risks, making risk management strategy all the more complex. At Qualibroker, our team of specialists keeps a particularly sharp eye on this industry and its constantly changing regulations.

Your coverage and your tailor-made business contract:

  • Fault, omission
  • Fraude
  • Credit insurance, debtor loss
  • Liability of managers
  • Employees on business trips
  • Social insurance

Because we are interested in your profession, we have thought up and negotiated services for you.

Sharp technical capacity

Higher social benefits, including an insured salary of CHF 500,000 without a health questionnaire

FINMA compatible