As construction is both one of the main branches of the Swiss economy as well as a booming sector, Qualibroker has focused on advanced risk management adapted to a constantly evolving sector.


of working people are employed in this field

CHF 20.8 bn

in annual sales (2017)


accidents per year on Swiss construction sites (Suva: 2017)

Given the diversity of risks present in the construction trades, including accidents, loss of working days, proximity to powerful machinery and employees, contractual failures, etc., it is imperative to have a reliable service provider who has a thorough understanding of the risks associated with infrastructure projects and to which companies in the construction sector may be exposed.

Thanks to their extensive experience in the field, Qualibroker experts are able to find unique risk management solutions for you in the market. Zero risk does not exist, but with a trusted intermediary, risk can be minimised. Our team, specialised in the trades of this industry, will be able to listen to your needs and offer you solutions adapted to your operations.

Your work:

  • Design, direction, control of works of decoration, arrangement or fitting out of premises or buildings
  • Work coordination
  • Project management missions for building construction
  • You have an obligation to insure your civil liability
  • You require coverage for immaterial damages

Your goals:

  • Protecting yourself against the risks inherent to your job
  • Anticipate complaints from third parties and your customers
  • Controlling risks and potential claims
  • Ensuring your business’s sustainability
  • Having a reliable and efficient partner to defend your interests in case of unjustified claims

We wish to protect you against various long-term risks through complex insurance policies that are controlled by Qualibroker experts.

This is a holistic approach via a simple and complete contract

Sharp technical capacity

Competitive solutions