Credit Insurance

Credit insurance is a business management tool that makes it possible to know the solvency of its customers, to delegate the collection of unpaid debts to experts in the field and to be compensated in the event that collection is impossible.


openings of bankruptcy proceedings for companies in Switzerland in 2018


The average share of trade receivables in balance sheet assets


of business insolvencies are related to the default of their customers

Credit insurance is an insurance solution that protects companies against the risk of non-payment from their customers.

Whether your business is located solely in the domestic market or whether it operates abroad, it is important to protect yourself against payment defaults. Non-payment of your receivables can slow down your business or even threaten your company’s sustainability.

Qualibroker Credit is the Swiss Partner of Astreos Credit, an international network that represents 4.5% of the credit insurance market worldwide.

Our expertise is:

  • Credit insurance
  • Single risk insurance
  • Single buyer insurance
  • Factoring
  • Guarantees and sureties
  • Special risks and political risks

Qualibroker offers value-creating support for the management of receivables. We rely on proven specialists and an international network in 43 countries.


Dedicated and specialised experts

A proven value-creation methodology

An international network