Customised Insurance Products

Is having too general of coverage inconvenient for your business plan? Qualibroker uses its skills and its international network of partners to create customised insurance products.

number of possible solutions


specialisations and development of "framework contracts"


corporate clients

The risks incurred by companies in the same industry are often similar. Thus, by analysing the environment and the specific risks by branch, we have drawn up and implemented contracts specific to each area of activity.

The advantages:

  • Expanded insurance benefits, often unheard of before
  • Risk pooling
  • Cost optimisation
  • Our specialist advisers are fully informed of your business risks
  • Thanks to an in-depth analysis, we have established quantified performance indicators for each given area (benchmark)

Our control of business risks and our international network of the best service providers allow us to offer you advice that is particularly relevant to your type of business.


Direct contact with a specialist advisor in your field of activity

International network providing access to new coverage

Qualibroker, a transparent partner focused on your best interests