Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

As a member of the management and board of directors you can protect your private assets.


disputes per year

Directors are exposed to risks that they may not necessarily control and may not be aware of themselves. But the nature of their position means they have to answer and take responsibility for it.

When managers are accused of real or alleged misconduct in the performance of their duties, the manager's liability coverage includes non-compliance with a regulatory or a legal text, non-compliance with the company's articles of association, management fault and other omissions and negligence.

In certain situations, standard professional liability insurance does not cover the costs and damages that may result from management's relations with shareholders, partners, employees, etc. For this reason, corporate officers should benefit from a more comprehensive and adapted insurance.

D&O coverage includes:

  • Protection of the insured persons’ private assets in the event of a claim for mismanagement
  • Reimbursement to the company if the company has advanced expenses
  • Advance of civil and criminal defence costs for managers
  • Compensation to third parties
  • No deductible for claims made to insured persons etc.

Contractor insurance offers crisis management especially in this case and allows you to compensate for losses related to your absence.


Tailor-made protection for the personal assets of your company's managers

No unnecessary blocking of management to contest unjustified claims

Complete and modular supplementary coverages