Management of Employee Illness and Accidents

Reporting and verification of illness and accident cases. Control the payment of insurance benefits!

560 million

hours of leave in 2017 (FSO)


program to view all absences

Claim is a team of specialists dedicated specifically to managing your cases of accidents and illnesses. We check the accuracy of your statements as well as all your documents in order to anticipate blockages and speed up the payment of benefits. In the event of disputes, Claim defends your interests with insurance companies.

  • a platform that gives you an overview of your situation at all times
  • data extraction
  • technical expertise and administrative support
  • user-friendly and efficient follow-up

The Claim platform shows you the amount of compensation expected from the first medical certificate. Stay informed in real time of your manager's stock flow in order to defend or accelerate insurance company compensation.

The amount paid by insurance is clearly indicated, which makes it possible to check that the amount corresponds to the coverage contract.


Technical expertise and administrative support

Absence structure and extraction in one click

Visibility on all your absence cases