Risk Management Consulting

Benefit from advice from specialists dedicated to your field of activity.


years of combined experience


corporate clients


established specialised master agreements

Thanks to their specialised knowledge and experience in the field, our employees are able to identify, analyse and propose competitive solutions that guarantee comprehensive control of the risks incurred by your company.

Knowing the importance of cost control for every company, we always ensure that we have an insurance program in place that offers the best value for money.

Our in-depth knowledge of your field of activity has many advantages:

  • Risk pooling
  • Expanded insurance benefits, often unheard of before
  • Cost optimisation
  • Thanks to an in-depth analysis, we have established quantified performance indicators for each given area (benchmark)

Our enterprise risk management and our international network of the best service providers help us offer you particularly relevant risk management advice.


Direct contact with a specialist advisor in your field of activity

International network providing access to new coverage

Qualibroker, a transparent partner focused on defending your interests