Surety and Guarantees

Whatever your sector (construction, engineering, industry, etc.), sureties and guarantees allow you to optimise your cash flow at a lower cost and offer guarantees to your public or private beneficiaries.

A surety is a contract by which an intermediary undertakes to the creditor to guarantee the payment of the debt contracted by the principal debtor (Art. 492 para. 1 CO).

Widely known used in the construction industry, surety bonds and insurance guarantees can replace traditional bank guarantees and offer better liquidity and more financial leeway for any company.

Guarantees in the field of construction:

  • Work warranties
  • Bid bonds
  • Performance guarantees
  • Advance payment guarantees
  • Subcontractors' guarantees

Other types of guarantees:

  • Delivery guarantees
  • Customs sureties
  • Professional Bonding
  • Tax bonding

Qualibroker's experts not only help you find the best offers on the market, but also guide you from the moment of contract negotiations begin with an overall vision of your coverage capacities among several insurers.


An unrestricted line of credit with banks

The possibility of reducing credit guarantees from banks

Better liquidity and more financial leeway