Swiss Fiduciary

Trustees and auditors acting as reliable partners offer services that are indispensable for every company.


Trust and auditing companies


Years of partnership with Treuhand Suisse

USD 50 billion

Premium volume

There are about 7,800 trust and auditing companies in Switzerland. Due to the constantly-increasing complexity of consulting services and the growing demands of clients, insurance coverage for possible breaches of due diligence has become indispensable. In addition, the members of the two major associations, Treuhand Suisse and Expertsuisse, are required to have professional liability insurance.

  • Rising claims payments
  • Increasing regulatory requirements
  • Compulsory insurance for association members

Qualibroker AG, as an official partner of Treuhand Suisse, has been managing a framework agreement for professional liability insurance for over 15 years, which runs through AIG Europe Ltd. AIG Europe Ltd is part of AIG Ltd, which is one of the largest insurance groups in the world with a premium volume of approximately US$ 50 billion.

This framework agreement is also available to members of Expertsuisse.

This framework agreement provides you with coverage that is currently practically unavailable on the Swiss market or is usually only offered to very large trust or auditing companies.

The framework agreement on professional liability has the following content, among others:

  • Sums insured from CHF 500,000
  • Fixed deductible from CHF 1,000
  • Limited and ordinary audits are automatically insured
  • External management and foundation board mandates can be insured without complications
  • Coverage for IT services as well
  • Coverage for employee embezzlement
  • Coverage for cyber risks is insurable

Qualibroker AG has a great deal of expertise due to its many years of support for this framework agreement and can therefore provide active and professional support both in the conclusion of the agreement, in the event of changes and in the event of claims.

Tailor-made insurance coverage considerably reduces the liability risk.