Trustees and accountants acting as reliable partners provide indispensable services to every company.

As a responsible partner of the professional association Treuhand Switzerland, we are an ideal partner to help you cover the risks of consulting.

The frequency of appeals against Swiss SMEs/trustees and auditing companies is steadily increasing.

In general, the claims made are between CHF 10,000 and CHF 1,000,000. Obviously, depending on the client's profile, higher claims may occur.

We are familiar with fiduciary and auditing activities and can provide you with competent advice on the following risks:

  • Breach of duties of care
  • Responsibility as board of directors and/or foundation board in external institutions

Trustees are increasingly faced with claims related to allegedly unsatisfactory exercise of their mandate. Risk analysis, quality management and compliance serve as preventive measures.

Thanks to tailor-made insurance coverage, liability risk is considerably reduced.

As a responsible partner of Treuhand Switzerland, we have an excellent framework contract solution with exclusive coverage modules.