Longer life expectancy and the increase in chronic diseases not only present complex challenges to those affected, but also to hospitals, health services, psychiatric institutions, nursing homes and other health care providers. Related problems include the lack of specialised staff and quality assurance as well as high absence rates.

Protect yourself from liability claims and damage to your reputation! Even the most experienced healthcare professionals can make mistakes. Sometimes an insufficiently sterilised surgical instrument can cause inflammation in a patient. The hospital or physician's office is liable for any subsequent damages. Professional indemnity insurance is therefore indispensable for those involved in the health sector. So that they can concentrate on their core business - the health of their patients - we take care of the appropriate professional liability insurance for you.

Professionals in the health sector are exposed to many risks:

  • Professional Misconduct Liability
  • Reputational damage
  • Complaints based on employment law and professional liability insurance
  • Patient data security

We are a trusted partner when it comes to ensuring that you are able to pass on any damages to customised insurance solutions. We think and act proactively and, as part of our quality management, we constantly adapt your insurance portfolio to changing laws, such as those regarding data protection, prescription periods or new standards such as electronic patient records management.

Even the most experienced health care professionals are not immune to error. The number of complaints, well-founded or not, continues to grow. Professional liability insurance covers you in the event of high demands in liability actions and helps you defend yourself against unjustified claims.

Our experience is your advantage. Thanks to an extensive customer base in the healthcare sector, Qualibroker has a great deal of expertise. We know the risks you face and can find an insurance solution for you that is tailored to your needs.

You can count on us. As a comprehensive provider, we offer extensive insurance coverage.